Club Penguin: A Game My Sister Loves

Club Penguin is a game you play online, through a web browser.  It’s pretty fun… I used to play it a lot, but not so much anymore as it’s really more for littler kids.  My younger sister loves this game, and I still play it sometimes because certain parts of the game — such as an in-game karate game where you fight other players, or a diving mini-game where you dive for pearls — can be really addicting.

This game begins with you creating a penguin character for yourself.  You have to choose a girl or boy penguin, name it, and you’re off to experience magical Penguin Club adventures.

Much like the popular Animal Crossing series, there is no true end goal in Club Penguin. Instead, the focus is more on the fun you have when you are caring for your new penguin, as well as training it, and interacting with it.  And of course — making money so you can buy cool clothes for your penguin and buy cool stuff for your in-game house.

The game play is simple but varied. Training your penguin is central to Penguin Club, but there is plenty of other activities to spend your time doing as well. You can play mini-games to earn money (like the pearl diving game which — and here is a GrantMac game secret — is the best way to make easy money in Club Penguin), have a dance-off, or just play in your igloo house.  You can also buy different food, new toys, and even treat your penguin to some new decoration for your house.  For the most part, however, you will spend your time taking playing mini games, contests and entering contests.

Taking your penguin for a swim also adds an element of exploration to the game. Players can trace their penguin’s path on a map and can stop by the zoo to play with their penguin, work on its agility at the ice floes, or investigate question mark icons. The question marks will trigger events such as your penguin bringing you a gift or meeting other penguins and their trainers. Swimming is also good for your penguin’s health. Daily swimming extends its stamina and in turn enables it to take longer swim journey. Going for a swim allows your penguin to practice for the competitive aspect of the game: the best penguin in the zoo contests.

If you want a fun, safe and engaging video game, then Penguin Club is the smart choice for a kid, or anyone that feels that they are a kids at heart.

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