Poptropica: Another Review by Me

Poptropica is a cool online game that gives kids a place to express themselves, talk to other kids, and have fun over the Internet. With awesome, customizable figures called “avatars,” kids travel from island to island solving quests alongside their friends. If you’ve ever wanted to explore worlds that look nothing like the real world, make tons of friends, solve puzzles and get rewards, Poptropica is the game for you!


My own experience of Poptropica has been absolutely sick. First, you make your own character, complete with a unique hairstyle, hair color, skin color, and clothing. As you complete different tasks in the game world, you can purchase different clothes or change your character to look like everything from a knight to a zombie to a vampire to a dragon! This is one of the things that keeps you coming back. As a free online kid game using XBox Live, Poptropica is one of the best games out there.

All of the game islands have been unique and interesting. For instance, there’s Shark Tooth Island, where you help a boy and his teacher put a giant shark to sleep so they can escape from the island. You have to explore temple ruins to find the ingredients for the sleeping potion, then mix them together properly. For history lovers, Time Tangled Island is home to various historical figures like Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci. You can learn about different people and their stories, all while helping them fix the past. It involves a time machine. Trust me, it makes sense in the game.

There are also silly islands like “Reality TV Island” that help you make friends. This island works like the hit TV show Survivor, where you and seven other players compete to see who is the “last one standing.” There are seven different games, at the end of which one person is “eliminated.” Don’t worry though! You can join other games immediately. And if this sort of competitive atmosphere isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other cooperative islands like Haunted House Island, where you and a group of friends team up to find treasures in a Halloween-themed house filled with ghosts, zombies, and other scary creatures.

If you are easily confused by game worlds, don’t worry. Poptropica offers maps to help you get around. And don’t worry about people being mean. You communicate and make friends using pre-scripted replies, meaning that nobody will say hurtful things to one another. Younger children will delight in the colorful graphics and unique locations around Poptropica, as well as collecting medallions for jobs well done. Older kids like me, meanwhile, enjoy exploring, making friends, and trying to get to the top of the rankings for each island or for the whole game.

Another element of Poptropica that many kids like is how it connects with popular culture. The things you talk about with your friends at school are the things that show up in the game. For instance, the latest music, TV shows, and movies all make some appearance or other in the game. If there’s an idea that you think would make a cool island, you can contact the people in charge of Poptropica. They are interested in keeping the game relevant and fun for kids between six and fourteen years old.

Parents will enjoy the fact that Poptropica is a perfectly safe, completely free game world that provides great educational experiences for their kids. Puzzles often require reading, mathematical, or logic-based abilities. These are put into games, so even kids like me that get bored in math class can have fun. And we learn at the same time! Kids, use these lines on your parents so they let you play. Haha. Worked for mine!

Finally, the Poptropica website offers additional stuff if you get really into the game and its world. T-shirts, videos, and even credits can be purchased by your parents. Buying credits can be really useful if you want the best clothes in the Poptropica world, but don’t want to spend hours playing Sudoku or Connect Four to win coins.

Poptropica is definitely one of the best free online kid games out there today. Chances are, your friends are either playing it or would want to play it. If you have XBox live and you’re a kid, don’t miss out! Sign up today!

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