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Top Ten Upcoming Free Xbox 360 Online Games

I’ve talked in this blog before about freebie demos on the Xbox.  You download these through your XBox Console through XBox Live.  These demos let you get a taste for games, and there are enough free demos that you can … Continue reading

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Poptropica: Another Review by Me

Poptropica is a cool online game that gives kids a place to express themselves, talk to other kids, and have fun over the Internet. With awesome, customizable figures called “avatars,” kids travel from island to island solving quests alongside their … Continue reading

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Games for Christmas 2010 (hint hint hint!!!)

Just about every Christmas since the first Atari console hit store shelves, video games have topped kids’ wish lists, and Christmas 2010 will be no different. So you’d better be ready and aware of what’s hot before you head for … Continue reading

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GrantMac’s Take on Skwishland

Hey everyone, it’s GrantMac. Alright, I’m sure you’re already familiar with “squishies,” those cute little rubber animals that can be found in vending machines. If your school’s anything like mine, they have probably been all the rage for a while. … Continue reading

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